Zoomernauts - Graphics International, 1985

This is one of those plushies that I just happened upon while trawling the internet one day. I was so deeply enchanted by him that I had to find one for sale and, happily, I did! The name Wyndel is obviously not the actual name of the character (and who knows whether we'll ever know what it was), but it's a little in-joke with my family and I think it suits him just fine. He can usually be found sitting on display on my top shelf with Pelly, but every once in a while he comes down for a wee hug.

Little Details
The grey fur is very coarse but makes for a fun texture experience. The longer brown facial fur is quite soft, and the top of his head is one of my favourite things to pet! Ears, arms/hands, feet, and jacket are all the sort of generic short fuzzy polyester. His face is vinyl and has begun to discolour slightly reddish-brown. All of the paint on his face is in tact.

The prices on these guys don't run too high at places like eBay and other reselling sites, and mostly fall in the $50-$60 range. I managed to grab him for $24 plus shipping from a local seller, which is honestly more in line with what I personally feel they should be valued/priced at. They're rare in the sense that very little is known about them, but this is one of the Zoomernauts plush characters that I see up for sale most frequently. Naturally, being without the jacket decreases the price slightly, as well as face/paint/fur condition.