Wicket the Ewok

Star Wars - Kenner, c.1983

I always call Wicket my "emotional support Ewok" because... well, he is! I love the two Ewok Adventure movies and just find the Ewoks themselves so calming. They're fuzzy little space bears that often remind me of Hobbits. What's not to love?!

Wicket was one of those "happened to come across him on a marketplace website" finds and he is so nice to cuddle, the absolute perfect size. He doesn't get too many cuddles, however, as this type of fur will get crunchy and mat simply from contact with body heat, so he's a permanent shelf dweller who sometimes comes down for a hug or two. :')

Little Details
As mentioned above, he's made of a medium-long pile fur that is a little bit coarse and won't take a ton of abuse, especially for its age. Black fur is stitched in a mask-like shape around his eyes rather than being airbrushed/painted. His head covering is made of a one-sided soft polyester (other side is quite plasticky) and has a velcro closure. The eyes are slightly unsettling in that they are solid black with no iris, but are thankfully almost always concealed by the fluffy fur. His nose is the same material. His paws and inner ears are generic fuzzy polyester and his toes are thread sculpted.