Potato Chip

Popples - Those Characters From Cleveland - Mattel, 1986-1988

While housebound for those years we do not speak of (you know the ones), I began to burn through all of the 1980's cartoons that I'd been wanting to for years and Popples was among them. I loved it instantly. It didn't matter that I was about 20 years past the target demographic, it was lighthearted and joyful and just what I needed at the time.

All of the Popples are adorable, of course, but my favourite is Potato Chip. I think it's a combination of the name (like?! the cutest!!) and personality. During those years I got back into plushie collecting and of course needed a little Potato Chip to sit on my shelf. (She's also the perfect size if I ever need a little bag buddy to take somewhere with me!)

Little Details
Potato Chip has short pile fur that's seen its fair share of love. In spite of having a bath and a good brushing, she still clumps a little bit. The fluff on her head and tail are a little frizzy from love but thankfully no dryer damage. The flocking on her nose has mostly worn off, but her eyes are perfect, no paint wear or scratches. (These types of eyes have always been my favourite, I love the gently cartoon-y look so so much on just about any plush.) The Popples badge is pristine, all stitching in tact, and no fading to the print. Her ears, muzzle, tail, and paw pads are made of the fuzzy polyester that I often hold contempt for.