Zoomernauts - Graphics International, 1985

I chose the name Pelly because one of my favourite characters in Animal Crossing is Pelly the pelican, and this wee one certainly has a beak on her haha! I saw her up for sale on Etsy one day and realized she was part of the Zoomernauts collection, which meant she came here to live very shortly after. She can usually be found sitting on display on my top shelf with Wyndel and sometimes comes down for a little smush.

Little Details
The brown fur is feathery soft and wonderful to pet or brush. The blue fur is quite standard "medium pile plushie fabric" but is also very soft. The feet are a soft, slightly pilled fuzzy fabric. Embroidered mouth detail. Bow is a pink jersey knit fabric. She has "eyelashes" which is just a little smidge of black fur at the top of each eye and it's absolutely darling.

These ones don't crop up quite as often as some of the other Zoomernauts characters, so I really can't give a good price range for resale. I bought her for about $16 while the shop was having a sale, but because these seem to be few and far between I would think it's a bit of an open playing field. Sometimes these show up under a search for "elephant" or "owl", probably owing to that incredible snoot!