Eden Toys, c.1990-1992

What can I possibly say about Lammy? I don't even know if that's always been the spelling of her name. She was one of the very first plush toys I was gifted and lives on a shelf in my room to this day. She's been through it all and then some. We faced trying ordeals and played in happy times together. I will cherish her always. <3

Little Details
Lammy is made mainly of cotton (her body and the little removable lace ruffle collar) that has worn thin over long years of love and play. Her head, hands, and feet are a slightly coarse sherpa-type fabric. My favourite part of her, however, has always been her ears, which are lined with a pink satin that used to be so soft to the touch. I can remember running my thumb over it on many occasions before naptime, while watching T.V. shows or movies, or just any time, it was so nice and comforting!