Kodak Kolorkins - Kodak, 1989

Back in the 1980's, my godfather worked at Kodak. My godmother used to have Kitzi (along with I think the blue, red, and yellow ones whose names I don't recall) displayed on a shelf. I guess they handed them out to employees at a work event? I'm regrettably unsure of the exact origin of this specific Kitzi but am making a mental note to ask my godfather next time I see him and update this page!
We went to stay with them for a couple of weeks one year when I was ~7-9 and before departing, my godmother told me I could choose one of them since I loved them so much... of course I chose the pinkest one lol! I'm so glad that happened, because they divorced a few years later and I have no idea where the rest of the Kolorkins went; I dare say she didn't keep them. [sweatsmile emoji] So much time has passed now that I like to think they got donated and all found good forever homes, just like Kitzi.

Little Details
Pretty standard 1980's/90's medium pile plush fur, neither rough nor super soft. His eyes are in pretty good condition with a scratch or two on the white parts, but thankfully the black has remained in tact. He was quite well loved when I was a kid and went on quite a journey from the time he left his first home until the time he arrived back at mine! I'm surprised I didn't ask for the tag to be removed, but he got hugged and loved and brought to bed with that tag and it's lasted. Though it's bent out of shape now it's still legible, and I've included photos of both the tag and the inner text/story. Kitzi's story is a little difficult to make out from the photo, but it reads:
"This is Kitzi. Kitzi loves bright colours. Those big all-seeing eyes and oversized ears allow Kitzi to seek out colourful playthings, which make him giggle. Some children think Kitzi looks like a kangaroo, while others think he looks more like a big mouse. He's just proud being a fantasy creature."