The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon - Company Unknown, c.1994

Oh, Dudley! This was some of that great Canadian staple children's programming. It was one of my favourite things to watch and I think I still have a VHS tape with a couple of episodes on it. I can't recall the exact origins of this Dudley, though I would imagine he was either a birthday or Christmas gift. He still talks (and I kept forgetting and squishing him just a little too hard while taking these photos lol) and sounds just as good as the day I got him. This is the Canadian version, as I believe there was an American one with different tags. Another neat thing about him is that he still has his original vest and it's in tact; the ones I see for resale rarely have their vest!

Little Details
Dudley has so many wonderful textures! His body is a low pile, soft-ish fur, his mouth is that fuzzy polyester you'll hear about through many of my other plush pages lol, his tongue is a super awesome, velvety texture, shoes are vinyl/rubber with actual laces, and his teeth, nails, and spine are a really interesting vinyl. I used to loooove squishing and picking at his claws when I was little, and there is now one that has a crack in it. His eyes are still perfect even though it looks like there's a scuff on one in the photo; that's just the light reflecting because they're so shiny. And, as I mentioned above, he does still talk! I have a video but need to find a creative way to display it here!