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Volkswagen New Beetle + My Scene Madison (OG/initial release) & Delancey ("Feelin' Flirty")

Omg! These are just some of those things I'm SO glad I still have! The beetle was my entire pride and joy as a kid after I'd been roughing it with a beat up (wheel-less, door-less) picnic van (Pinterest) for years. I always love seeing them up for sale on marketplaces to see how everone else chose to do their stickers!
Madison was my first My Scene doll and my only one for a long time. She was one of my favourites then and remains at the top to this day. Delancey was a gift from a friend so we'd have matching dolls and at the time I was kind of :/ about it because she always wanted us to have everything the same, but now I'm just happy to still have her! I know the My Scene line was just a Bratz knockoff but I loved it a lot lol. Sadly the only things of Madison's I have left are what she's wearing, but there's another Delancey outfit in the trunk of the car (and also a Polly Pocket compact [crylaugh emoji]).