✿ Babyz ✿

I don't play this game very much, but I always love to hang out in this little world when I feel like the real world is being scary and bad. It was such a popular game in my friend circle (along with Petz, which I do still have on my computer but also don't play it lol) during the early 2000's. Babyz and Petz opened up a whole new world for me and so many others. I didn't get quite as involved in the hexing side of things, which I know a great number of people now credit with their careers in computer stuffs, but I looooved the website-making and community building side. You can read a little more on my early web life at the bottom of my "about" page.


When I first got the Babyz game at a Winners way back in the day, the serial code it came with was this one. Kayla was my first babyz and each time I've re-installed the game (though her original file is on a floppy disk and no longer accessible) I've used that code and named her Kayla. Playing this game and playing with her specifically brings back so many fond memories of times long passed, sitting downstairs on the basement computer or at my dad's work.

Kayla's favourite food is oatmeal. She loves playing with the clown doll, panda bear, and firetruck. When she isn't making music on the piano, she enjoys dancing to it on the record player in the living room.

She's also just started trying to stand (again!) which is super exciting!!


Coming Soon!